Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tell me. What happened.

'Tell me' I say to the boy in the photo. This is VERY Indian to say, 'Tell me'. So direct, succinct. I don't have a clue why this little guy,  playing at a building site, is imploring me to look at a torn wrapper with Animals on it.

'What happened.' I try. 'Tell me' and 'What happened' (no inflection at the end, it's not expressed as a question, more like a statement) are interchangeable greetings I've come to notice. In my world it means all this: 'Whats up? How are you? What's wrong? Are you okay?  I'm listening! I'm caring!'

I don't understand, let alone speak Kannada, the local language in Bangalore, so we were at a loss. But I took the picture, and he was pleased.

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