Thursday, November 17, 2011


I usually practice in the evenings, but I have a dinner to go to tonight so I attended the morning class. I am committed to yoga! I told myself: "B, you're going every day this week." but "Oh no I have a dinner, yeah I can't go! shucks..." There's a morning class at 6:10. So I went. Commitment feels good.

I'm more flexible, I'm more aware, I'm hurting in places I didn't know could hurt. My teacher says "You are so alive! You can do so many things! One day it will come. " Some poses are only for circus freaks; I want to be that circus freak!

I'm sleeping better and in a better mood. For all the hype and fanfare yoga endures, it truly does the body good.

Now if I could only commit to stop gorging on samosas and butter naan.....

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