Wednesday, October 24, 2007

go get what you want

and i did. i wanted the job with animals and i got it! i want to work with kids and i do! i want more for myself and im getting it! i wanted that sexy 19year old i work with and i asked him out! ah life, sometimes its not mysterious at all.

dolce Vita

Friday, October 5, 2007

today is a good day. i have so many of those!!

ola! it was nice to sleep in today and its good to wear my prada as i walk the pooches. i like looking good. when you look good you feel good. but also when you do good you feel good. i am in a transformation period. i want more for myself. i am booking a flight to the UK to see my dear old buddy who is having a baby in feb. I am happy to be healthy and a happy individual.
im going for an interview for an animal hospital. i want to be with animals and kids now. ive let go of fashion and it feels good.
bisous dolce

Thursday, October 4, 2007

sunny eyed silk bandit

enough with this nasty pollution. im on my bike whizzing past trucks and SUVs and the rest and i cant get over all this pollution. so ive decided to start wearing a scarf around my nose and mouth. yeah i look like a freak, all you can see are my sunglasses and scarf and helmet, but what do i care? enough injesting this nastiness!!!!
peace, write you soon
is anyone reading me?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

is it fickle to change ideas all the time?

i was riding my bike past the parc and saw a gorgeous bull mastiff and a baby basset hound being walked by two people in scrubs. and my first thought; are they taking time out from their medical lives to walk their pooches, or, do they work at an animal hospital?? i would love to work at an animal hospital!!! indeed!!! so i am going farther and farther away from fashion and styling and closer and closer to helping people and animals. strange how life is, you never know whats around the corner....
i want so much for myself, for my life. i want a family so badly, i want a beautiful purse and boots. i want ray bans. i want a healthy lifestyle. i want purpose. first and foremost thats what i want and need. PURPOSE
have a good day everyone