Saturday, September 29, 2007

the day that never ends

so i start with an early morning dog walk at 8, then i host a garage sale from 9-5, then i work for an hour, now i am dog sitting for a few hours until i must dog walk again! i am soooo tired, my eyes hurt. ive been running around on my bike and haggling prices and wowza! cant wait to be in bed with my cats. cant wait to have a well deserved beer in the bath.. hope you all had a productive saturday

Friday, September 28, 2007

today is the beginning of forever

this is my first blog, my initial plungle into sharing my ideas and thoughts and love and angst with the cyber world. i do hope some of you will read it, some of you will enjoy it and some of your will be somehow enlightened by me. a quick overview.
my name is dolce vita, i work in a video store, i walk dogs, i do personal shopping and i help kids with their homework in an afterschool program,. i am 29. i live in canada. i love kids and pets. i love taking baths while listening to french fold music and drinking beer. i love life. i want a family. i want to read books and watch movies and go swimming when i retire. i love luxury but am disgusted by overconsumption and the insecure feeling the fashion world breeds. ok so thats it for today. today is a good day. remember:
bisous a tous et prener un bain avec une biere, je guarantie uen belle experience.
Dolce Vita