Thursday, January 13, 2011

The meals I've been making with food items I find in Andrea's fridge.

Chicken with Pineapple and Peanuts.

I marinated cut up chicken with soya sauce, sugar, sesame oil, franks hot sauce, crushed peanuts and chunks of pineapple.  I also added a glug of port and balsamic vinegar.
let sit in the fridge a few hours.
I chopped a few cloves of garlic and sauteed them with some butter. added the marinade, added frozen peas and tad ah! dinner! Serve over white basmati rice

Hot Italian Sausage with Sour Cream, Red Onions, and Port

boil the sausages in a pan beforehand. prick holes in the sausage so the fat can ooze out. set aside.
Cut a whole red onion and sautee it with garlic and one part butter one part olive oil.
add port. Once the onions have softened a little, add the sausages to the pan and add some sour cream.
add some franks hot sauce and some Dijon. very lovely tasting.

Tuna and Rice Casserole, with some frozen Peas.

Some day-old rice is perfect for this. add a can of tuna to the rice, thinly slice some chives and add to the mix. a dollop of cream cheese, mayonnaise and Dijon. add the peas, some Parmesan, a dash of soya sauce. mix. cover with shredded cheese and Parmesan. place in the oven (350) . 20 minutes later you are eating! Also at the last minute set it to broil so the cheese gets a little golden.

All of the above ingredients I found in her fridge and cupboard. I made it my mission create dishes with what was at hand.
The project proved tasty.

I did spend money on the Chocolate Almond Cake, and it was worth every dollar and ever calorie.

thanks for reading y'all.
keep eating, 'cause, you know: LIFE IS SHORT

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