Sunday, January 9, 2011

A conversation with A second chance.

The luxury of Unemployment guides me to slothful coffee mornings and even slothier mid-afternoon baths.
Leisurely walks through the snow at night.
Just because.

And now - for ART making!!
My oh-so-lovely and ultra talented friend Lizzy said,  "...make a... make a collage".
And so I did.
Collage: the untroubled way to instantaneous reward.
Burglarize from a few found - but not sought out- sources
to create one work.
Random (?) words, phrases, photos:
I and this collage are at the mercy of materials at hand.
Picking Choosing
....Fitting Gluing
and TadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!

And like good (?) Art does, it sparked discussion, animated insight,  manufactured TRUTH.

(The mind: what treasure; what torture)

What are you made of?
Happy Endings

Isn't it?

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