Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Its 12:18 and I am thoroughly wasted.    A couple vodka martinis and lovely wine later here I am in front of my laptop. Wanting to impart something so very important to my well being. Sugary goodness.  I ate a delicious dinner. Although the chicken was lovely, I was incredibly grateful for the caramel and chocolate popcorn that was spontaneously donated to me.

At the end of the meal .
Something sweet to follow the savory.


 One NEEDS the sugar after the salt. Right? My taste-buds need it to compliment what happened before; to finish off, round off...like a gesture of a conductor or a chef's hand rounding the tips of the fingers together and up.
Finish.The end. Finito.

La fin du repas a besoin d'un p'tit sucree.

 Anyway I've got Sid purring away, my mum and her boyfriend giggling and making plans next door. and here I am. Making plans about writing about nothing but a sentence about sugar.

AM  I a complete loser?
I'm tired
Thats my excuse.

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