Thursday, December 1, 2011


My trouble maker gone good. This precocious little boy is bff's with Jean Baptise. Gangbusters.
Liam says the best stuff, but out of context it will seem odd and trite and not so awesome.
I love this little man. We talked about the ozone layer one day. He looked solemn, and kept wiping his eyes. Are you okay Mr. Liam? I ask.
Liam: Miss, can I talk to you outside?
We go to out into the hallway.
me: Was someone hurting you Liam, what's wrong?
He is sobbing now....
Liam: The ozone layer! Why do so many bad things have to happen to our planet?
me: Oh Liam! We as a society need to change our habits. Isn't it? (head bob)
Liam: Why don't Indians care? There is rubbish everywhere and I see them throwing it all over the place! Why don't they use rubbish bins?
me: I don't know why, babes.
He is our green warrior. He always uses the bin, asks if something can be recycled, loves when I use recycled paper for lessons...
He is the future.

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Filmfinder4u said...

Wonderful acknowledgement of who he is in the world, thank you for sharing.