Wednesday, March 26, 2008

today anxiety ruled my morning

i woke up, looked at my clock and thought, no. i dont want to get out of bed today. sure sign of avoiding responsability, of falling into a depression. all i wanted to do was sleep sleep sleep the day away. i was on line at the bank and it hit me, slow and insidious like creeper weed. a high you cant get rid of and wish you had never signed up for, regretting that toke. thats how i felt. i embark on a myriad of projects and they themselves at once elate and frigthen me. the business idea, my creative writing idea, my going back to school idea. euthanasing my cat, paying my taxes, packing to move out... ahhhh!! breath and reboot. so i got on line and applied for universities, i collected my tax papers, i moved a little and organised a little. i paid my hydro and my visa bill. i made dinner and charged my phone.
jusqu ici tout vas bien..

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