Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Miles, Milesy, Milesy boy! You will always be the one.

Here we are, Miles and I, together for another few hours then I bring him to work and putting him down. He looks so good right now too,thats the killer. he's purring and alert and gorgeous, like a panther. and all I want to do is sleep and be with him for his last few moments.
it makes me feel strange to know what he doesn't know. that feels odd somehow.and the guilt is horrible, I had nausea all day about it.
I bought some champagne and I plan to commemorate his life because I love him dearly, my little Milesy. My Milesy boy. Miles the terrible, the beautiful, the tortured and the regal. Thank you Miles for moving everywhere with me, for putting up with all my crazy boyfriends, for purring and loving me. Thank you for surviving the mercurial life you have had, and for having a great name that suits you soooooo well. You will forever be my password, my goto. thank you for the 11 years Miles. Now tell me its alright to let you go. look in my eyes and in your feline way show me you love me and forgive me. show me I was a good mother and a proper pet owner. I love you Miles

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