Thursday, July 8, 2010

On my way... and guess what? I am on valium watching Friends! Am I back in Thunder Bay? All I am missing is my roommate and some pierogies! Yayay
I met a very friendly Indian girl who really really wants to hear my story, I think I fascinate her! Well, she is young and a CA so I guess my life situations are so different and exotic to her. I am happy to have someone to talk to, yet I enjoy solitude when traveling. I get so into my book, my writing, my thoughts. Now I am obliged to chitchat and to hear about India. Which indeed is a blessing. Still.... I have many hours to kill and wouldn't mind just being on my own. She is sitting right next to me and I grabbed my laptop and I think she got the hint. I need some Bianca time right now. She was really into my cookies and was a bit pushy about eating them. I was honest and told her i didn't want to finish them now- I have a long trajectory... I mean come on! Eating four out of the five cookies? The more you share the more you have? Not in this case! I feel rude all of a sudden. She just got up and is walking around now. I guess she was a bit miffed by me not wanting her to finish my last home-made cookie. Too bad, man. Gotta look out for number one! As selfish as that sounds, I don't care.
I was buzzed off my tree on the plane. That valium and the two beers really hit the spot! I know how to travel indeed! and she wanted to sit next to me and switch seats with my neighbour. I'm glad he protested. God i am so mean right now! I should be honoured that she is interested in me...
OH.MY.GOD. I am in fucking business class holy shit balls!! This is the life! I have my own space, my seat has a bed and lunge function. I can make my seat cushion firmer or softer, there is even a button called mood light! huh?! Massage too. Waza Haza! This is the life. In front of me is a documentary about penguins. My own TV, of course. AND I have the cutest gayest cabin crew member cooing at my jewelry and loving my glasses. Am I dreaming? Who needs valium and beer when I have a massage chair and champagne? I am all smiles. india, here I come!
hmm.. should I read you the menu? Vanilla marinated oike perch, spiced jus and sauteed melon. Baked salmon with wasabi crumble, wasabi sauce. Saffron and lemon basmati rice, fenner sauerkraut and to finish, Yoghurt oabba cotta with rosemary. Auspicious beginning to a lovely journey, I'll say!
oh yeah, I just got offered my second glass of champagne. I'm so happy I cant even stand it! I've had 4 glasses of champagne (thank you cute gay cabin crew member) and I actually was moved to tears by the view outside my window, the Austrian alps. The champagne, the lounge chair. I am in heaven.

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