Monday, July 14, 2008

the cliches of good food vs sex

everyone. its true. its blatant and bold and honest. the mouth orgasm that i lived at juliette et chocolat tonight. the mouth experience i was lucky enough to witness at laloux a few weeks ago.
today was a great day, it took me a while to get moving but once i got air in my tires i was good to go! a dude stopped his car and told me i was and i quote, not paraphrase, but quote verbatum "exceptionally breathtakingly beautiful'. wowsers, that doesnt happen every day.... and an excoworker turned buddy told me i was a rare spirit that lights a room. gee, i didnt realise the effect i have on people. and to think im serially single and waste my time on morons that dont know their ass from their face! bisous a bientot

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