Tuesday, October 2, 2007

is it fickle to change ideas all the time?

i was riding my bike past the parc and saw a gorgeous bull mastiff and a baby basset hound being walked by two people in scrubs. and my first thought; are they taking time out from their medical lives to walk their pooches, or, do they work at an animal hospital?? i would love to work at an animal hospital!!! indeed!!! so i am going farther and farther away from fashion and styling and closer and closer to helping people and animals. strange how life is, you never know whats around the corner....
i want so much for myself, for my life. i want a family so badly, i want a beautiful purse and boots. i want ray bans. i want a healthy lifestyle. i want purpose. first and foremost thats what i want and need. PURPOSE
have a good day everyone

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